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Maritime Service

Cargo Ship


  • Ship Classifications Service affiliations service with International Certified employs .

  • Our Staffs is experienced to take the challenge and reliable to handle and provide the services you require at the ports of Maldive.

  • we assistance in salvage operations, under water hull inspection with International certification, hull cleaning, and vessels in distress we are just a call away.


Cargo Ships
To cruise or charter in the Maldives, we facilitate with licences and formalities
Private Yachts
International fishing vessels clearance, permits and royalty formalities
Fishing Vessles
Permits to operate and facilitations for operations
Salvage Vessles
Permits and formalities for clearance and operations
Research Vessles
Ship of War 
Husbanding and defence logistics support by sea and air for all ships of war and military air crafts
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