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If you’ve ever dreamt about spending a week or two aboard a private charter yacht in the Maldives, surely you imagined soaking lovely rays on the sundeck and swimming with beautiful mantas and marine life, dining extravagantly and endless relaxation. It’s time to add some adventure to that balmy dream. 

It’s 2020 and while space-x is sending more astronauts to the moon on private space flights, there’s been more than a few improvements in our gadgets to explore and enjoy the great blue sea. 

Here are some highlights on nifty gadgets you can probably easily get your hands on if you’re thinking about chartering a yacht in Asia or in the Maldives or visit a private resort. 

sport boat maldives atoll magic.5.JPG

sports boat

sports boat with yamaha 115 Hp 2 engine with a speed of 35 knots, cable for all water sports activity and passenger transfer for super yacht needs and logistical use. 27 feet long can be accommodate 6 passengers

e foil rent in Maldives.png


Lift’s eFoil is an innovative board that allows riders to fly above any surface of water, no waves required. eFoil uses an advanced lithium battery to power a silent electric motor, which controlled by a wireless bluetooth hand controller. Riders rise up on the hydrofil for a unique
experience at speeds of up to 25 mph.

wave jam rent in Maldives .png


Experience the rush of water as you fly across the ocean or through the surf, with this ultimate personal watercraft. Then when it’s time to get back on board tuck it under your arm, or it’s small enough to fit in your car.

seabob rent in maldives .png

The SeaBob

This looks like something the jetsons’ would have used if they lived on a luxury yacht. The seabob propels you over and under the water allowing you to maneuver yourself in speed and jet around under water. With recent models it also has a dual camera system so you can record yourself in jet motion or record the beautiful reefs as you whiz past it. 

water toy rent in Maldives.png


G2X Jetboard, the most advanced of its kind. Reach speeds of up to 55 km/h in near complete silence. No need for messy oil changes or maintenance. Just head out and enjoy this brand new sport without the need of wind, waves or a boat.

yacht slider rent in Maldives.png

Yacht Slide

Yacht Slide is made to deliver years of fun and excitement on your yacht adventure in the Maldives! It’s the perfect option for those that need a slide immediately. This innovative slide, with a built in water sprayer has an adjustable slide height and delivers an adrenaline-pumping ride that wins rave reviews from kids and adults alike. The slide hooks over the railing and comes complete with everything you need to create tons of fun and memories.

flyboard rent in Maldives.png

The Flyboard

This one is more for some fun above the water. In simple, we can say its  a water jet powered board which universally connects to all brands of Jet-Skis on the market and allows underwater propulsion and flights up to 12 meters in height.

jetsurf rent in Maldives.png


The Jetsurf Sport is the board that everyone can enjoy. Its characteristics perfectly suit families
and rentals. The Sport is durable and reliable. Recent models offer longer rides. 

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