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When is the Best time to visit Maldives 2022/2023/2024 year ?

  • According to Data Taken past 31 Years of Maldives rain calculations please see the below ranking Monthly rain from 1 to 12. Total rain for past 31 year is 61077 mm of rain average per year rains 1970mm of rain. According to the data taken the less rain is month of February to August month,This is a true Data taken from Maldives metrology center at 2022 September.

  • 1- February

  • 2-March

  • 3-January

  • 4-April

  • 5-June

  • 6-July

  • 7-August

  • 8-December

  • 9-November

  • 10-September

  • 11-May

  • 12-October


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