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How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Maldives year 2022?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

In 2022, the price for charter a private yacht in Maldives is depending upon the different types and brands of yacht we are providing like Princess, Azimuts, Catamarans and the other tailor-made plans. It depends on the customization of the tour you wish to explore.

There are 3 categories of tours you can get here in Maldives with us:

Budget Yachts:

To book a budget friendly tour, the prices are between $900-$2500 for a night, which is for 6-8 people.

Middle Class Yachts:

Middle class yachts are mostly tailor made here in Maldives. The price is around $1800-$2500 per night, which is for 18-20 people.

The High-Class Luxury Yachts:

If you planned for the most private experience trip then you can charter a luxury yacht here. This high-class tour costs $5000-$10000 per night.

Above all, there is a different category and mostly trending now and we call this Catamarans. There are luxury Catamarans which prices are:

Low Season- $1600/Night

Mid Season- $2000/Night

High Season- $3000/Night

These packages are for 4-5 rooms in Catamarans in Maldives and even this Catamarans can charter. The half charter prices will be less.

But the thing is mostly the bigger yachts which are charter for 7 days and can be $40,000-$60,000 in high seasons.

But these prices are different from the other countries because in another country, the food and fuels are not included in the price, but here in Maldives, it's very different. We include not only food and fuel but some other exciting exclusions which are for everyone.

This is a very good advantage and also you can get a chance to explore more islands in Maldives. There are around 1900 islands here and still more to explore.

Another thing about charter yachts in the Maldives is that some yachts have all these inclusive things like fuel, food, excursions, house wines, and beers from selected breweries. Motorized water sports like jet skis, wet boats, and in non-motorized, sub, and pedalling boats. Some packages include kayak boats also.

Maldives has been a prime location of innovative and extravagant travel journeys for many tourists. A Luxury yacht charter Maldives vacation includes the exceptional islands and white sand beaches to make it one of the top superyacht chartering destinations in the world.

If you want a memorable journey then charter a yacht for a day in Maldives will be an absolute adventure to drift away to the 1000 coral islands. For a whole day expedition, island hopping is the most exciting option where you could sail away to the Maldives' southern atolls.

For divers, the North Male Atoll or Banana reef is one of the most appreciated diving areas in the Maldives. It shelters numerous sea creatures, especially manta rays, that are a delightful sight to hungry divers. You can also sail to another island for an immersive and local cultural insight of the Maldives.

So, comparing to this price, rather than going for a luxury resort. It's more convenient and more privacy to charter a private yacht here in the Maldives. You can explore more areas with this. Every night and everyday will be a different destination and full of thrilling experiences.


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