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Luxury Yacht charter in Maldives 2020/2021 and 2022

The Maldives is one of the best locations in the world for luxury yacht charter. Private yacht can be anchorages at many different locations in the Maldives islands. Your Luxury and private moments with escape its the best in Luxury yacht.

Maldives islands located in the lowest sea level with the islands of 1190 and more to come with man-made islands on lagoons are trending in 2020. The island is located naturally on 26 atolls from north to south of Maldives total distance of 541 Miles in length and spread over 35,100 sq mi of which only 115 sq mi island. A total of only 200 islands are inhabited, and 160 islands are resort rest of 836 islands are desert island which can relax and take the beauty of your surroundings.

The Maldives is a world-class diving spot with beautiful coral reefs and a wide variety of sea life. Over 2100 different fish species can be found in Maldives waters. For nature lovers this would be the best location around the world for Luxury yacht charter. Your yacht chartering experience will be never forgotten. Try it once in a lifetime with charter international to find you the best spot and best desert island to choose with local expert knowledge and get your privacy.

Why charter a yacht in the Maldives with charter international?

  • Luxury Yacht Charter in the Maldives is very unique with no much-crowded yachts are anchored at the moment, if you need more privacy and nature -Maldives would be the best.

  • The best dive spot locations with an expert level diving instructor with local knowledge will be more fruitful. Our knowledge depending on our forefathers knowledge about the weather through the year ,we have a special mathematical history data solutions which we call NAKAIY app or Monsoon Calendar.

  • Maldives yacht charter locations mostly is famous location at Baa Atoll Biosphere reserve but this is a very small portion of what we had explored .More locations can be visited with our local experts and some of the captains in the Maldives when there is best time to visit the secret spot .For Luxury Yachts chartering contact here.

  • To explore the local life in the Maldives would be a challenge now due to COVID 19. Once the restriction of government will ease there will be a chance to visit the cities in the Maldives. ( Note that Male city is one of the world's smallest Capital city and crowded with 150,000 people in an area of 6.8 sq m.)

  • Enjoy your private fishing experience while yachting , enjoy your catch ,prepared fresh for you by your private chef. Note: some areas of Maldives are not allowed to fishing , get to know it with us before you plane the itinerary for yacht charter.

  • While getting around the island by Luxury Yacht you can visit the most luxury resorts in the Maldives ( day visit to resort ) we arranging

  1. protected Turtle gardens

  2. underwater restaurant dining

  3. underwater private submarine excursions

  4. coral gardens visits

  5. world best restaurants and spas

  6. Whale Shark excursion guidance

  7. Manta excursions ( we mean schools of manta)

  8. Private island visit

  9. Desert island visit with owner approval

  10. Tennis court arrangements

  11. Clubbing and party visits to resorts

  12. Private visit to a desert island or sandbanks

  13. Underwater spa arrangements

  14. Seaplane private charter for excursions

  15. Local permits for any requirements

  • Best sunset from your private deck, fresh cocktail in your hand before marveling at the night sky studded with stars.

  • Get your best itinerary according to the date you choose and depending on the weather, nature activities, and best locations in Maldives island for yacht charter.

  • Superyachts charter clearance, security assistance, logistics, chartering local yachts for accommodations for security staff, and other arrangements - we make sure that you will be not overcharged for these services with our honesty.

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