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2024 Maldives Bareboat Registration Regulations For Foreign Yachts ( updates 31 Dec 2023)

The regulation are enacted as required by the import export Act ( 2016/R-6 ) abd under the authority vested by Vessels Act ( No 2023/R190 ). for the purpose of providing for the temporary registration of foreign vessels charted to be used in Maldives for duration.

Purpose: Emphasize the regulation's aim for facilitating maritime projects in the Maldives through temporary bareboat registration updated for year 2024

Powers of Enactment and Enforcement: Highlight the Maldivian maritime authority's role in enforcing these regulations.

Commencement: Stress the regulation's start date, marking a significant moment in the Maldives' maritime law.These Regulations shall come into force from the 30 of December 2023. 

Powers of Registration: Focus on the Maldivian agency's authority in maritime registration. Contact our maritime Lawyer

Application and Supporting Documents: Discuss the process and required documents for registration in the Maldives.

Duration of Registration: Mention the time frame for bareboat registration validity in the Maldives.

Termination of Registration: Explain the termination conditions under Maldivian maritime law.

Verification of Ownership: Underline the importance of ownership verification in the Maldives' registration process.

Legal Obligations: Detail the compliance requirements for vessels registered in the Maldives.

Penalties for Non-Compliance: Highlight penalties under Maldivian law for regulatory breaches.

These Regulations shall be known and cited as the “Bareboat Registration Regulations”.

The Bareboat Registration Regulation in the Maldives, the addition of a requirement for bareboat registration to be associated with a local Maldivian company would emphasize the integration of these vessels into the local maritime framework. This stipulation would ensure that bareboat operations are closely aligned with Maldivian laws and standards, reinforcing the regulatory oversight by the designated maritime authority. It would further strengthen the local economic and legal ties of these maritime operations.

An application to register a bareboat shall be submitted according to the prescribed format set out in Annex 1 to these Regulations and such an application shall include the following details. 

  1. Name of Vessel

  2. Vessel Type

  3. IMO Number (if any)

  4. MMSI Number (if any)

  5. Radio Call Sign

  6. Date, Time, and Country of Build

  7. Main Measurements: Length, Breadth, Depth

  8. Building Material: Metal, Wood, Fiberglass

  9. Gross and Net Tonnage

  10. Bareboat charter agreement copy with Notarized

  11. Engine Type

  12. Engine Power: Horsepower, Kilowatt

  13. Country Where Ownership is Registered and Registration Copy

  14. Country where registered no objection letter from a Maritime authority

  15. No objection letter to register as a Bareboat from the vessel owner

  16. If vessel is leased or mortgage no objection letter from the party with supporting documents

  17. For Maldives government projects purpose vessels document of zero tax import document to import Maldives water

  18. If luxury vessel or yacht ( Classification certificate ) international classification society only

  19. pleasure craft vessel under 13.7 m above ( classification or CE certificate )

  20. IOPP ( international oil pollution prevention )

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