Cream of Cream selected Yachts for charter and best safe travel holiday in Asia region.


Cream of Cream selected Yachts for charter and best safe travel holiday in Maldives and Asia region 2021 and 2022 year

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 Can you yacht in the Maldives in 2022?


Of course, you can yacht in the Maldives and it can be a life changing experience for you because there are many places to go and experience the beauty of Maldives. A stunning destination to escape from your daily life, Maldives is best accessed by a yacht or boat and charter a private yacht will give you the best possible experience of this incredible destination.

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Mostly the yachts are atolls. About 26 dreamy atolls are here. Three atolls included which is a big area for cruising. This is the most popular region for diving in the Maldives and is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with whale sharks. You can enjoy the perfect vacation here gazing at the tropical blue sea. It's all about shades of blue and green, turning the place into pink during the evening. This wonder corner of the island nation offers an amazing marine life to witness. The Maldives is a dedicated destination for adventure lovers for activities like snorkelling and diving.


 Can you yacht cruise arround Maldives in 2022?

When you are cruising around the Maldives, you can also explore several places and activities like, sandbank, inhabited islands, shark swimming, dolphin watching, menthe watching and snorkeling several areas of it. We have selected the best island and activities so that you can have some amazing experiences like swimming with whale sharks, stingrays and turtles. There's always something new to experience during your Maldives yacht cruise trip. These islands offer the chance to catch up with lovely birds and small island creatures. 

In staying at a resort, you will be stuck at one place, and can't look over the actual beauty of the Maldives, but the yachting holidays are always very convenient. It also gives you the flexibility to explore a number of islands, resorts and beaches, along with taking part in some of the coolest activities on the planet. It's very trendy now here in Maldives as most of the celebrities and wealthy people are choosing this type of enjoyment and hiring yachts to experience the best of their Maldives holidays.

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Our private yacht packages are the most fun you can have while remaining socially-distant from other travellers. We offer all the luxuries of a cruise liner, and more, without the crowds.  When you charter a luxury yacht, you needn't worry about any schedules or formal meal times. Our plans include a multitude of comforts to ensure you feel right at home while enjoying life on the ocean wave with plush dining areas, luxury lounges, and multimedia entertainment technology. Some yachts have onboard hot tubs or plunge pools for your ultimate enjoyment and a stash of all the most popular water sports equipment like jet skis, fishing equipment, snorkeling gear, diving gear, and kayaks.


We are now the no 1 company here for yacht charter as we have several yachts and packages which can be chartered by everyone. We have served so many travellers coming from around the world with different requirements because now people mostly prefer privacy. Some people are looking for a party life, some prefer romantic or family holidays. We have all the plans which will be suitable to anyone who wishes to have a memorable holiday in Maldives. 


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